Milk Barfi

  With Navarati this week, i made a barfi as an offering to our shrine this morning, Here is the most easiest barfi recipes i’ve worked with. My kids love it, and it tastes so much better homemade, as you … Continue reading

Chocolate cake

  For almost 6 months, I’ve tried to perfect a chocolate cake recipe for my son’s birthday cake this year. Its in a months time so i thought today i may trial a recipe, and with a couple of tweaks … Continue reading

Khaman Dhoklas

If you haven’t tried these wonderful fluffy, savory sponge Gujarati sponge cakes, now is the time! A thick fermented gram flour and yogurt batter steamed till it’s like a soft fluffy pillow. Cooled, cut into squares tempered with mustard seeds … Continue reading

Heart Shaped Shortbread

I loved making these heart shaped cookies with my dear little valentine! Such an easy recipe, quick and they can be creative with the icing! You will need: Ingredients 125g/4oz butter 55g/2oz caster sugar  plus extra to finish 180g plain … Continue reading

Valentines Dinner !

A really simple dish that is perfect to impress your loved ones this Valentines. Ingredients 5 pieces of cod, skin off 200g uncooked chorizo 200g cherry tomatoes 1 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp paprika 4 garlic cloves … Continue reading

Rolling Spinach Paratha’s instead of baking

  The other day i was trying to find activities to do with my little one. We got the playdoh out, that game lasted about 5 minutes, then we got the paints, half of that went on the dining table, … Continue reading

Recipes from the Telegraph Show

These are the recipes from the Telegraph show where i will be demonstrating my recipes live! A southern Indian prawn curry, chappatis, and my healthy chilli choc avocado mousse. I’m a British born writer, chef, cooking class teacher and a … Continue reading

Christmas is coming who needs some food inspiration?

Its that time of year again when the festivities begin, and if your like me start planning what your going to be making for the days ahead whilst your all at home. Its such a wonderful time to spend time … Continue reading

This week, Diwali and New year celebrations begin !

Upcoming events this week which is going to involve glorious home cooked food for Diwali and New year celebrations. We pray to our gods, spend time with our loved ones and do various pujas (religious prayers and practice) outside our … Continue reading

This weeks meal planner!

I thought it may be handy to share some daily recipes to help making cooking in the evening that tad bit easier. Here are some of my recipes to help inspire your daily feasts ahead. I’ve not added anything for … Continue reading

Coconut Saffron Seafood Curry

I love it when i’m able to create a special curry based on just trying out spices, and condiments in my cabinet. This was an experiment to see if the flavours would work, and they so did ! So happy … Continue reading

Chocolate & Avocado mousse

This is an ultimate guilt free, dairy free dessert! The creamy avocados make this incredible dessert silky and smooth. If you want this to be a vegan dessert, then just add 200g of blended silken tofu instead of egg whites. … Continue reading

Celebrating British Food Week with Willow & Hall

Check out the lovely article featured on Willow and Hall.

Chilli Mango with mint

This is a quick way to add a slight kick to your mango. Simply toast some chilli flakes on a flat pan and then add it to sliced mango, sprinkle with torn up mint leaves. It simply tastes amazing, Add … Continue reading

Whole baked salmon with ginger and soy marinade.

I always come across big pieces of salmon in the Supermarket, but was never too sure how to cook it and what to do with it! I decided to experiment and bring this baby home! The largest fish they had, … Continue reading

Asian Slaw with ginger, soy and lime dressing.

Having friends over for dinner this week? Why not try this slaw with buffalo wings and sweet potato baked wedges, which was a perfect meal for family and friends. Here is a simple way of sprucing up a slaw without … Continue reading

Apple, peach and coconut, pistachio tart.

For anyone that knows me (which is my family!) they are aware of my lack of baking skills. It’s not one of strongest areas! However I’ve mastered the art of a very simple dessert which will impress. My apple, peach, … Continue reading

Bananas & raw chocolate (With a touch of sprinkles!)

With half term on its way, i always try to pre-plan what I’m going to be doing with the kids, so that i don’t hear the words. “I’m bored!” I’m sure many of you, as with me, love the idea … Continue reading

Raw Chocolate

The craze to wanting to making these chocolates all started when i attended a superb event recently. My lovely friend had made these gorgeous raw heart-shaped chocolates, and to make them taste even more divine than they looked, she added … Continue reading

Mid Day Supper Club !

Great Fun hosting todays mid day Supper Club. I demonstrated how to make an Indian Masala, a base to any curry. Lunch Kidney bean masala served with cumin couscous and sun blushed tomatoes. Dessert  Mango mouse topped with pistachio. Ended … Continue reading

Coconut and Strawberry Mess

One of my favourite twists on an Eton Mess. Coconut cream with a hint of double cream muddled in. Ingredients  100ml coconut cream 100ml double cream 7 large strawberries 2 meringue nests Mint leaves Edible flowers Method  In a large bowl … Continue reading

Turmeric and Coconut bedtime drink.

A great little link forwarded from a fabulous friend, Yoga Teacher Dipa Trivedi. A must try Dipa, thanks for the link! And thank you to David Wolfe for the recipe, I learnt a thing or two from this!

Chilli, Breadcrumb Prawns

Prawns dipped in breadcrumb, and then fried till they are crispy. A great starter, and a dish to share with friends and family. ingredients 10 king prawns – de-shelled and deveined. 1tsp salt 3 cloves crushed garlic 1tsp chilli flakes 1tsp … Continue reading

Salt, Kiwi and Lime refresher

This is one of my all time simple, yet favourite drinks. Refreshing, and cooling its tastes great with tons of ice. Simply slice the kiwi and lime, top with ice and sparkling water. Inspired by a Indian sherbet drink i … Continue reading

Ginger, cinnamon and sesame chicken

I love the flavours in this dish. Tastes great hot or cold, and takes only 20 minutes in the oven! Ingredients 5 Chicken pieces, leg or thigh tastes best. 1tsp cinnamon powder 1tsp honey 1/2 salt 1 thumb size ginger 1tsp … Continue reading

Arancini Balls with spices and coriander crust

If you have any leftover risotto, don’t throw it away as you could transform this into a wonderful little starter. I’ve added subtle spices to the rice, and then used coriander in my breadcrumb to add my little indian twist. … Continue reading